Friday, August 26, 2011

Wow....Just Wow!!

Wow! This is so exciting!! I have been talking about starting this blog for a while now, so it is a bit surreal to actually see it come to life.  I don't really know what has taken me so long to get going, but recently the hubs gave me the go ahead to get one of these...

It's not that I needed permission or anything....just more like agreement....that's how we roll here at our house...there needs to be agreement for any "big" purchases (and that works both ways :)).

It is a Gateway Netbook Computer.  I checked out all the options and this one met most of my criteria...with the main requirement being that it be small.  I have a larger laptop, but really wanted something that I could take with me anywhere....while carrying a diaper bag....and a kid.....and juggling a cup of coffee coke...and talking on my cell.....I know all you peeps out there know what I'm talking I've got the computer....and the excitement....and now this blog is off and running!!  Yahoo!!

It's been a little over 1.5 years since I left my "big" corporate job and in that short time I have learned a lot....I won't try to get into all of that now....but I'm sure it will slowly spill out in this blog over time.  I am really excited and I hope that some of my excitement will encourage you all as well.  This blog is going to be fun and you'll get to see my plans, schemes, attempts, failure, and probably a lot more as I show you all how I am making our house into a home and attempting to make something extraordinary out of the ordinary. 

I'm looking forward to this ride....and I hope you guys are too!! 


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